Interns Wanted

Are you:

  1. A native Spanish-speaker/writer with fluent English skills?
  2. Currently enrolled in college-level classes in agriculture, botany, animal husbandry, biology or environmental sciences?
  3. Looking for a rewarding career in the field of organics?

Christie Organic Consultants, Inc. is looking for a few bright young people to train as field representatives to work primarily in Mexico.  I am not going to lie to you.  This is a career choice which requires a HUGE commitment of time, resources and money to acquire the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to perform at a world-class level in this field.  If you look at our “About Us” page, you will see a portion of the training Lois and Maria have undergone, at their own expense, in order to educate and continually re-educate themselves in this challenging occupation.  Add to this the long hours, travel expenses to and from training seminars and monetary investment in training fees, computers and peripheral equipment, and you can readily determine that this career is not for everyone – you have to really want it!  At the end, though, is a rewarding career as an organic inspector, consultant or administrator, and the knowledge that you are truly helping to make the world a better and healthier place.

If I haven’t scared you away by now, please read on!

As an intern at Christie Organic Consultants, you will first learn the Administrative side of being an organic consultant/inspector.  You will work side-by-side with Maria DeVincenzo, our Certification Operations Manager, who is foremost in her field.  Here you will learn the ins and outs of the massive communications and paperwork needed to sustain our operation and serve our clients, and how the information gathered in the field during on-site visits to our clients is compiled into organized, detailed documents to be presented to organic certification agencies.  At this level you will be required to have a MacBook Pro, with certain specific software, and an iPad.  You will put in many hours for very little money – because you will be learning from the best, and because you really want it!

Still with me?

Upon completion of the administrative phase, you will begin to learn Field Operations.  You will be invited to accompany Lois Christie as she performs organic consultations and inspections, mostly in Mexico, for clients such as Andrew & Williamson, Tequila Sauza and Grupo Alta, to name only a few.  You will see firsthand how organic system plans are formulated, maintained and inspected as you “shadow” Lois through her daily routines which can begin at 5:00am and often continue into the nighttime hours.  You will pay your own airfare, hotel and food costs on these trips – why?!!  Because this is the way Lois became one of the most respected organic consultants in the industry and no one paid her way.  She did it (you guessed it), because she really wanted it!

Now comes the GOOD PART!!

When you have completed the Administrative and Field Operations phases, have attended the requisite training seminars and have received your college degree in one of the above-mentioned fields, you will be qualified to begin performing organic inspections.  For more on specific requirements, see http://www.ioia.net/images/pdf/nosbinspectorqualifications.pdf.

Christie Organic Consultants will guide and advise you as you perform these first inspections, where you will:


Travel to exotic places & meet new and interesting people…

Lo Fitting right in with the Zapotecas

Get free food…

lois testing in caboYummy Watermelon


Yummy strawberries

Wear stylish clothing…


iPhone 001iPhone 001


Operate heavy machinery…

Driving the Tractor 2

…and much, much more!!

After you have done approximately 20 solo inspections, there will be a job waiting for you at Christie Organic Consultants as a Field Representative.  So, if this sounds like the career for you, please contact us via the form below.  Do you really want it?

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